This was the reaction of Cardi B to a photograph in which he taught his most intimate


Cardi B it is one of those artists who do not mind to be displayed as it is, on more than one occasion the singer has left to see with the most daring outfits and while has suffered accident in them, the truth is that it does not give worth to be like her, so he proved a couple of years ago on a red carpet.

On that occasion, the rapper and his partner Offset attended the red carpet of the Billboard awards and that gave a great show in front of the cameras that caught, because when the couple showed their love to the presence of many captured an intimate part of the singer.

Cardi B and Offset 2019 Billboard Music Awards (Photo by BRIDGET BENNETT/AFP via Getty Images)

The reactions did not wait, many claimed that Cardi and taught more, and immediately the issue became a trend on social networks. But as is the singer do not hesitate to give an answer to the controversy through their social networks and with a video, he sent a message to all the accused for “teach more.”

“They are out there showing off this picture and is now claiming that ‘Cardi b taught to him by his intimate part’, first and foremost that there is not that which they say“ said Carbi B in the clip while he mimicked the pose that had paralyzed the public.

“This part that I show when I put myself in this position Andso is my rear!“ he continued, “do you Know when someone says “have a rear-huge”? well, that is exactly what it looks like.” “If you wanted to see me before I had to go to my shows when I was a striper, now it’s too late,” he concludes.

Immediate reactions to the video Cardi was not left to wait, while a few applauded by correcting the headlines, others saw it as vulgar. The character of the singer is what has brought her great fame and she doesn’t plan on changing.