What! What Ariana Grande will return to tv?


Although the famous singer, Ariana Grande, had been concealed a little of the social networks, has gradually managed to go out of the cocoon. In the last week she has participated in various shows on line, in order to amuse the people who are in the confinement mandatory. It should be noted that many of these events were launched to raise funds for those most affected.

Among the most important events in which he has participated we may mention: the interpretation of “Meg” the love of Hercules for an episode of The Disney Family Sinalong; where many followers melted of love after give life to this iconic character of children. He also participated recently with the Broadway star, Shoshana Bean, in a concert with a nonprofit organization.

But What is the novelty? It turns out that the followers of Ariana Grande realized that the young singer will be part of the new season of American Horror Story. Their fans live on the day-to-day celebrity, these follow each of your steps, even were concerned for the publications that had been up on his official Instagram What’s up? Are all escorts.

Does Ariana Grande have a second chance?

The point is that it all started when Ryan Murphy, one of the creators of the program, began to follow Ariana on the social network Instagram, that same day was when he posted a photo with one of the characters of the series. Next to the picture, Murphy wrote “coming Soon”. Will it be a matter of chance? Until now not confirmed this hypothesis, but it could be a great opportunity for the young star.

What turned out to be more suspect in this discovery is that the creator of American Horror Story follows only two people on your Instagram: To Ariana and her husband, David Miller. Well, although there is no known reasons for this unusual action, it should be noted that this is not the first time that Ariana Grande participates of this program. For 2015 had already formed part of the episode “Scream Queens”, the question is, Will there be more?