Why the face of Adele looks so different after her extreme weight loss


The amazing physical transformation of Adele
The amazing physical transformation of Adele

Adele met Tuesday to 32 years, and by way of celebration shared a photo on her profile of Instagram that quickly viralizó, due to its impressive physical transformation. The singer of “Hello”, away from the scenarios from 2017, was shown with a short black dress, which allowed to see his renewed body, and a wide smile. The new look of the british remains one of the most commented upon in the networks. Many fans wonder if she underwent some sort of surgery to lose over 45 pounds and have no traces of overweight that he had for years.

Camila Goodisformer personal coach of the artist, has pointed out that Adele went down in weight, mainly through a strict diet because they “don’t like going to the gym”. The specialist revealed that the changes were achieved, in large measure, due to a significant decrease in the consumption of calories. “Is doing physical activity, but I think that 90 percent is diet”, he said.

Why is the face of Adele looks so different after her weight loss? Experts suggest that the eyes are wide and eyebrows higher could be a sign of botoxwhile a defined volume in the jaw and in the cheeks can indicate dermal fillersone of the non-surgical techniques most popular to keep the young face. This procedure is becoming more and more requested because it has significant benefits and because it works against expression lines, fine wrinkles, folds and facial creases.

An expert in aesthetics has revealed to the tabloid Daily Mail how he got Adele to have a facial appearance more defined and sculpted after you get more than 45 kilos, which suggests the possibility of some tinkering in subtle non-invasive.

A medical Aesthetic Clinic Hampstead explained to the said british that the singer does not have sagging skin after extreme weight loss, which indicates the possible use of dermal fillers to restore lost facial volume. Meanwhile, dr. Lucy glancey said, of the Clinical glancey said, noted the eyebrows slightly higher, and the eyes wider, that might be a sign of botox injection.

The doctor in aesthetics David Jack has also suggested that the appearance of Adele has a little help from the botox. “Usually, with a weight loss dramatic, people experience a laxity of the skin quite significantly in the face: the loss of weight almost always is shown even more dramatically in the face in comparison with other areas of the body,” he said.”Today, botox is not used to paralyze completely the muscles, so that the appearance of the face, frozen of the 90s is a thing of the past.”

So is Adele today. A friend of the singer shared this photo on Instagram
So is Adele today. A friend of the singer shared this photo on Instagram

In the meantime, the american site Page Six she spoke with plastic surgeons of celebrities on if they believe that the singer of “Rumor Has It” has been subjected to any cosmetic procedure.

The doctor Ramtin Kassir, who has not been to Adele, said that he believes that the music star could have added padding to your jaw, because it seems more “pronounced”.

“Absolutely it could be your own jaw that was exposed [después de la pérdida de peso]but now it looks so clean and is so tight that it simply would not surprise me if you had a little extra help,” he said to the said medium. “You could have done a contour of the jaw with fillers to improve the angulation”.

The plastic surgeon, who has been in practice for nearly 24 years, said that it would not be “unusual” if the singer had a little filler in their lips and botox in parts of your face, judging by “the position of your eyebrows”.

“You can always put a little bit of botox to soften the skin and repositioning your eyebrows a couple of millimeters and to get rid of crow’s feet,” said Kassir. “You can also reduce small wrinkles, although it is young, around the corners of the mouth, the corners of the eyes, between the eyebrows and forehead”.

The new look of Adele
The new look of Adele

In the meantime, the doctor Howard Sobel, a dermatologic surgeon, agreed that it seems that Adele injected with botox and filler in the face.“Given your weight loss, you also would have lost facial volume, which would lead to his features fall” explained to the said medium.

“It looks fresh and wrinkle free, I suspect that has had fillers in multiple facial areas including the nasolabial folds and botox in the upper third of your face”.

Adele at the Oscars 2013 (Shutterstock)
Adele at the Oscars 2013 (Shutterstock)

Regardless of how you did to look so good, Kassir said that he always recommends that his patients reach their ideal weight before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, unless you plan to target an area of your face that it is not affected by the loss of weight, such as expression lines or vertical lines of lips. “That kind of stuff is not going to change with the loss of weight,” he explained.

Both doctors agreed that the new look of Adele is good.

“At the age of 32, his body is still pretty resilient and can recover from a weight loss so dramatic quite easily, “ added Sobel. “I think that Adele looks wonderful!”.


The striking physical transformation of Adele