With just 10 years Julia Butters has been shown to be much more elegant (and original) than most celebrities at the Critics’ Choice Awards 2020


A star is born, and but tell that to the parents of Julia Butters. The girl that won for us on the big screen by Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and that aroused the wrath of Leonardo DiCaprio in his role of Rick Dalton -one of the best scenes of the film, has shown that his young age -ten years – is not an impediment to splurge in style. With these assumptions, the actress has become one of the protagonists in the blue carpet of the Critics’ Choice Awards 2020.

In the style of Emma Watson or Emma Stone, Julia Butters has knocked out the staff with your candida presence and his three-piece base of a white shirt (with tie), pants tuxedo (with sash) and tulle skirt with embroidered, all by Giorgio Armani.

Julia Butters Critics

The freshness of its youth to dress with style, elegance, and non-profit add age to your person. Its styling shows that a girl can dress with grace and originality without the need to appear more years than you have -something that sometimes does not happen to Millie Bobbie Brown. What the only downside? The excess of makeup: it really was not necessary.

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