Without makeup or underwear


In February of 2018 Jennifer Lawrence decided to withdraw for a year from the big screen to devote himself to activism and focus on herself. Now, he has returned more confident than ever, and will debut again in the hands of an actress of independent film.

The actress and Oscar winner did not hesitate to follow this path after the end of the promotion of ‘Sparrow Red’, a movie about espionage, Russian, intrigue and manipulation, where Jennifer Lawrence plays a woman recruited by his uncle, who works for the government, that gives you this life in exchange to save her mother and to flee from a crime that the character committed. Between the sword and the wall, the woman is trained to use his body as a weapon of seduction and destruction.

A year has passed since his last performance, and, during these months, Jennifer Lawrence has been dedicated to promoting ‘X-Men: Phoenix Dark’, ending his temporary retirement. The actress has decided to return to the world of film with an independent film directed by the renowned theatre director Lila Neugebauer, who will make his debut in this film as the director of feature films. Not much is known of the filmonly that it is a film of intimate and personal. To be an independent film, the actress turns a little to his origins, since he made his debut on the big screen with another independent movie, ‘Winters Bone’, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2011; he won, but he got the golden statuette just one year later with ‘The good side of things’, movie stars along with Bradley Cooper.

Jennifer Lawrence shows natural: No make-up and underwear

Jennifer Lawrence is characterized by being one of the few actresses with the feet on the ground, that has no shame in expressing what he truly thinks. It is considered, so to speak, a girl with one hand very natural. And so natural, that you don’t mind going out without makeup, despite being an actress that is known throughout the world. This gesture, coupled with other great celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez.

Jennifer Lawrence shows natural: No make-up and underwear

Currently Jennifer Lawrence is in the set of the shoot of his next film project, under the direction of Lila Neugebauer, and have left images in the place of the recording where the actress appears without a drop of makeup, no bra, t-shirt, and leggings black, without a doubt, the clothing is ideal to rest between takes without worries.

Jennifer Lawrence shows natural: No make-up and underwear

Not only is it a natural woman, but attached to his family. And is that in the past month of February the family of Jennifer Lawrence was the first to learn of the commitment of the actress of 28 years with the art dealer Cooke Maroney, of 34 years. The couple takes little more than a year together, but they are already determined to take a further step on the altar.