Wow, thousands of dollars! Kendall Jenner is facing a lawsuit


The young socialite, 24 years of age, Kendall Jennerhe has had to face various adversities throughout his career as a businesswoman, and celebrity. Although we do not have the necessary experience, the fame makes him pay dearly for their bad decisions, regardless of his young age. What was the reason? it seems, that the star stole a video and posted it through their social networks, as is the custom in the family Kardashian-Jennerall explotá thanks to their official accounts.

In this opportunity, and without the right of reply to the member of the dynasty Kardashian, is embroiled in a scandal; because she and her company were sued by the renowned photographer Angela Ma. This is motivated to the violation of rights of author, after seizing one of the videos she has documented the socialite; while Kendall was walking the streets of New York. The amount to pay it is a whole fortune!

The large sum that you must pay Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, you must meet that demand, where the specialist of the snapshot search more than 150 thousand dollars of the young famous. However, you will also have to delete the video that went up on their social networks, and accountable with the photographer that you are staying in the Big Apple. This motivated all the profits that he earned the sister of Kylie Jenner by publishing the material.

While it may seem superfluous, the video I “stole” the entrepreneur was played 13 million times. This, taking into account that Kendall has over 128 thousand followers on its official account of Instagram. This information was leaked after it was published the court documents to let the public light on the scandal facing one of the youngest of the Kardashian.

In addition to all this, Angela Ma, the photographer said the cost of the image had already lost its value in a large amount; after that they were released through their social networks. “The defendants violated the copyright of the plaintiff in the video, to reproduce and publicly display the material on a web site. The defendants did not have and never have had, any license or authorization to reproduce, display or publish the video,” says the document of the demand.