Zooey Deschanel shares a recipe for pesto of kale and basil to the quarantine


The actress of 50 years, Jennifer Lopezshared a photo on their social networks in the sample during a routine exercise in the fitness center that you installed in your home, however, a mysterious appearancethat was classified at the start as ‘terrifying’it caught the attention of the fans.

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According to a source close to E! News, the man that appears behind one of the shoulders of JLo it is not a ‘phantom apparition’ or much less is a stalker, but a real estate agent with her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, had a video call, as the slugger has installed his office near the gym.

“His office is attached to the gym, and is only separated by a curtain. When you make video calls, the projected onto a screen large enough. If you look closely, you can see the shoulder of Alex with a t-shirt navy blue. You are sitting at your desk, so that the image that you see is the man that is doing the Zoom, which, by the way, is covering his mouth with hands,” the source said.

man photo jennifer lopez

The singer explained in the program Jimmy Fallon that it was a real estate agent with her fiancé chatted: “he Was a man of real estate with that Alex was on Zoom”. And explained that this quarantine laid out your garage to make it your dance studio and gym, and the office of the baseball player is in the same site.

It seems that far from a ‘terrifying’ time, this demonstrates that Rodriguez is a man of business, and that neither this confinement is part of his investments and their financial purposes, and real estate.

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