8 proposals for this new week of desescalada


As is all the territory in the phase of desescalada but the leisure offer remains limited. The seriestherefore, they remain as essential as ever to be entertained. And what brings the week of 25 to 31 of may? As eight premieres, including some neighbors of Mirador de Montepinar, for the first time premiered season outside of Telecinco.

Snowpiercer (may 25)

The adaptation of the comic book that had already been Bong Joon-ho (Parasites) the film had a very good run during the pre-production: he spent three years in development, there were problems with the pilot, changes channels and, finally, here plam of the hand of Netflix. What will be the oscar-winning Jennifer Connelly at the forefront of a disaster or will have been able to get back on track this apocalyptic future and classist?


Deep Water (26 may)

In Netflix they are selling Deep Water as the response English to
Big little lies
, one that he earned more than six million viewers in the United Kingdom. Three women, secrets and a spiral of emotions in the adaptation of the novels of the saga Windermere from Paula Daly. You have our full attention.


Doom Patrol (may 29)

Superheroes most marginalized of DC Comics, the of the appreciable Doom Patrol
that calls for more impact and love on the part of the seriéfilos, returns with the second season HBO.


Love Life (may 28)

Actress Anna Kendrick (Up in the air, Pitch Perfect) embarks on this project HBO with the aroma of romantic comedy that is set to change the protagonist every season. This first account with Kendrick in the search for love and how the people we meet along the way we become the people we are when we finally matched with someone forever.


Central Park (may 29)

The creator of the brilliant
Bob’s Burgers
landing with Central Park, a comedy developed with Josh Gad (Frozen) and that aims to mix its two main virtues: animation and music. And is that Central Park will focus on the park manager and his family, who will defend the lung of Manhattan in front of the speculation, and what you plan to do with the spirit of the music building on that, in addition, Gad is reunited with Kristen Bell after Frozen. Thanks Apple TV+ for a proposal of these characteristics.


Space force (29 may)

And, finally, to finish off the month arrives Space Force to Netflix, which retrieves the vis comic that Steve Carell had exhibited in The office. Here the actor is listed as the creator along with Greg Daniels, the man behind the scripts of the office (and this month also premiered

on Amazon). Does the starting point? The idea of Trump to create a station, a military space for the united States. John Malkovich and Lisa Kudrow rounding out the cast.


Queen of the South (29 may)

The version of The queen of the South with Alice Braga premiere the fourth season in Netflix.

The upcoming (may 29)

We were boxes. Mediaset has left the jewel in the crown of fiction premieres before its season 12 in Amazon Prime Video in Telecinco, where it tends to lead its time slot for more than a decade. Start with eight episodes, which were able to roll and ride The looming despite the crisis of the coronavirus, with the remaining planned for later. The that he wanted laughter in Mirador de Montepinar, here are the guys.

Premieres eight episodes because they had to stop filming by the coronavirus