‘A blow with style’, the tape of Morgan Freeman that took Netflix by storm


Big three on a single tape. Watch them on 'A hit with style', the comedy of 2017 that is sticking on Netflix. File
Big three on a single tape. Watch them on ‘A hit with style’, the comedy of 2017 that is sticking on Netflix. File

When A punch with style (Going in Style, 2017) premiered on the big screen, passed without penalty or glory. The criticism did not see with good eyes and the box office was very modest.

But the film from Zach Braff, starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin, had another plan in order to win. Came to Netflix, and, as if by magic, became a favorite of the public in Costa Rica and various countries of the world.

How is it achieved?, no idea. What will be perhaps the natural charm of older adults?, well, maybe. What is true of the case is the story of three gentlemen retired, the system has removed your pension plan, has been embraced by thousands around the world.

In A punch with style the group of old bonachones, whom no one would imagine doing anything bad, just setting up a plan to rob a bank and recover your money.

“I never know what you can like people, I just know what I like to me. But I think that as we very much enjoyed the work on the tape, that energy can spread and reach the public,” said Freeman, during the promotion of the film.

But on Netflix, A punch with style it is not the only tape with actors long-lived that it could have a good time. For example is the drama Memories of Manhattan (5 Flights Up, 2014), another film, coincidentally starring the same Freeman.

Memories of Manhattan it tells the story of Ruth (Diane Keaton) and Alex (Freeman), a veteran marriage that has lasted more than 40 years living in the same apartment.

“When you plan to move to another place, because of the lack of elevator in the building, they remember all the moments you have lived there, while waiting for you to reach bids of potential buyers,” explains the synopsis of the tape, at the site Filmaffinity.com.

For The Washington Postthe film directed by Richard Loncraine is “undeniably poignant”, while The New York Times it valued the performances of Keaton and Freeman.

“Really Alex and Ruth are like an old married couple, who know their weaknesses and appreciate each tic,” said the american newspaper.

To laugh and reflect.

Another comedy that values the time of old age and friendship is Last Vegas (2013), with Freeman joined by Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline.

“Time went by, and four men who were friends in the fifties took very different paths. When the only remaining bachelor decides to marry (Douglas), everyone gathers together in Las Vegas to celebrate,” says the argument of the film.

In Las Vegas there will be romance, misunderstandings, and profound reflections on life. What is certain is that after Las Vegas, the four friends will never again be the same.

Finally, in the list could not miss Before starting (The Bucket List, 2007), one of the tapes most poignant contested by two titans: Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

In the film, two terminally ill people, of characters and worlds completely opposite, they make a unique friendship.

“Edward Cole (Nicholson) is a cocky millionaire, while Carter Chambers (Freeman) is a modest mechanic. In spite of everything, they decide to set off together on one last journey to make, before you die, all the things that you have always desired.”, details his official summary.

Cole and Chambers, in their unique adventure, are dealt life lessons in each sequence of the film, what makes a movie special to see and comment on family.

“The film is based on the things that we do in life, but never speaks. It stimulates the viewer to do those things that we dare not be,” Nicholson said to the EFE agency, several years ago.

Choose one and give ‘play’. You will not regret it.