A woman surprised a driver on the song “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and became viral


The presenter is british Kevin Freshwater was a challenge viral in the underground subway of London that was that the people who gave him the microphone to continue with the song he was singing. Some laughed, others spoke and there were those who went far to singbut a woman surprised him with her spectacular voice to the song “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and became viral.

Among the people that the comedian surprised everyone with his microphone was Charlotte Awbery that I should continue with the song of the film, Bradley Cooper, A star is born. But she differed from the rest of the people who joined the challenge and his voice did not go unnoticed.

After Frashwater him to yield the microphone, she sang several stanzas of the theme that last year Gaga and the actor sang in the ceremony of the Oscars and the video began to circulate through the world.

It turns out that although the woman it was not famous (because right now it is), is a professional singer. Since the publication of the video until today has increased exponentially their number of followers in the social networks. She even shared the video on his account of Instagram, which is only there got almost a million views and wrote: “Andam completely impressed. Many thanks to all for the response, comments, messages, kind, and general love of all”.

She was one of the few that continued the challenge by singing seriously, as most of the respondents laughed instead of singing, others who were in the group shouted, others mistook the song and others is not encouraged and only atinaron to recite the lyrics instead of singing it.

Directed by Bradley Cooper, A star is born it meant his debut as a director. Starring him and Gaga will be released in 2018 and tells the story of Jackson, a country music star with problems of alcoholism, discovers the talent of Ally, and falls in love with her.

“A director that had never made a film before was not a good recipe for success. But the good news is that the audience received it as the see it, as a story real and true that is about love and how difficult that is to endure in the time and the search for a voice in the world,” said the star of other films such as Without Limits and What happened yesterday.

The film was noted for its musical compositions and even won four Grammy awards including Best performance in a Duo and Best Song written for a film, television or other visual media in 2019 for the song “Shallow” and Best Song written for a film, television or other visual media and Best Compilation Soundtrack, for the theme “A star is born”.