Alejandra Guzmán to Ariana Grande


Good aunt. While Alejandra Guzmán you can return to the stage because the world of the show, as the rest of the non-essential activities, this stopped by the pandemic COVID-19, is given the luxury of enjoying their family life.

Lately, he has been seen in their publications in social networks very affectionate with his nephew Apollo is the son of his brother Luis Enrique.

By the way, the rocker confessed that already strange to give concerts, but because there is not another more than expected as does the rest of the people in both that goes over this situation that came to put head to the world. “Queen of Hearts” published a video recorded on one of his last concerts in which he wrote “The stranger”.

Unfortunate. Social networks can also have a power nefarious. The issue returns to the discussion after the recent suicide of the gladiator Hana Kimura, who decided to take his life at 22 years of age, overwhelmed by the bullying he received in social networks.

The company Stardom, of NJPW confirmed the death of the young girl. According to several reports, the fighter decided to end their existence due to the constant harassment and hate messages that she received via social networks.

New project. If something can’t boast now Rosalia it is found in “the horns of the moon” with his success, that is why that song that pulls your audience already waiting anxiously. Now it turns out, that the Spanish is going to release a new song with Travis Scott, the ex-boyfriend of Kylie Jenner.

In their stories of Instagram, the artist advancement something of the new song that fuses his style and that of the father of Stormi Webster. It augurs well that could be a hit, as has happened with their other subjects.

Bad influence. Now that they took out a collaboration together, which is titled “Rain On Me”, Lady Gaga surprised to say that he had not wanted to work before with Ariana Grande because she can be a bad influence to the young.

Already told you that Ariana had already spent years insisting and looking for outside friends, but she was ashamed to meet her because I didn’t want to project all the negativity that she carries inside of someone so pure. So soon, the fans of both wowed with the song that has a couple of days that it was launched.

This week is all and until next time, God first.