Alex Morgan and USWNT reject Hope Solo in fight against U.S. Soccer


After Hope Solo’s request to serve as a mediator in the negotiations between the women’s national team of the united States and its federation to the demand for equal pay, the 23 plaintiffs of the national team answered with a resounding “no”and that is the argument of Hope puts in doubt the ability of the players to not give in before the “strategies intimidation or fear tactics” U.S. Soccer could use.

Before this, The Athletic unveiled a motion is legal, where it came to light the response of the USWNT. “The Champions of the World have shown that not bow before anyone and are tireless advocates of equal pay”began.

“Only proposed a settlement of the class if they believed that it achieved its goals of equality of remuneration in accordance with law and was in the best interest… With all due respect, we do not require the assistance of Only to achieve these goals“.

US Soccer also opined and suggested that this motion should be denied. “The motion of Only unnecessary, procedurally improper and must be denied”, he said.

In the history of the women’s soccer world and the united States, there is not much doubt about that Hope Solo is one of the best gatekeepers to the women’s sport has ever seen, but unfortunate statements and problems was not allowed to shine as she would have wished, some of these, even cost out of the selection american.

Only complaint, be excluded from the fight for equality

Hope Solo was one of the pioneers in the fight for equal pay within the selection of women’s american, but after you get off of the computer, the portress felt excluded from this movement.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the player complained of this and made it clear that this had all been intentional. “My name has not been forgotten, has been deliberately ignored,” he said.