Angelina Jolie in a bikini I look at what you’re going to see!


December 31, 2019
(19:18 CET)

Angelina Jolie with a life that can be used for a movie of drama, has experienced a good amount of physical changes and health problems and because of new eating habits. This time, we found in the trunk of memories a photograph that was a secret to most. Attention to what you’re going to see, because it truly appreciates unrecognizable.

It is a photo where Angelina poses with the sensuality which he is known, wearing a bikini white which shows the absolute body that he had. The face maintains its essence, but you can see modifications in their nose. On the other hand, your body is presented without the tattoos now you know.

angelina jolie bikini


44-year-old of today will have weighed in to some extent, however, it is virtually impossible to lose the sensuality that represents where you go.

One of the attributes that has not lost validity for the philanthropist, actress, model, director and a huge list of professions, they are his lips. The legend says that they did that Brad Pitt to fall in love with head-over-heels, at least for one stage of your life, the rest of the story as we know it.

Angelina Jolie and the secret of its charm

Angelina is not afraid to exploit its virtues, one of their main secrets to highlight your lips has to do with the form of make-up. It is precisely the makeup of the actress was the one in charge of giving details on the techniques used to create the biggest surprise.

“You just have to paint the outside of the commissure of the lips, also can be with concealer. Thus the terminations of the lips will be more sharp and perfect, like the lips of Angelina”, said Matin Maulawizada on the style that you favor Angelina Jolie.

It may be that the time has changed many things in the protagonist of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, but kept something more important, the admiration of their followers without alterations.