Anna Kendrick details of Pitch Perfect 2


Anna Kendrick, Rebecca Minkoff, NYFW

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

The actress kept her unpredictable humor, always…

Anna Kendrick is so excited as all of us for the premiere of the sequel of Pitch Perfect.

The actress spoke with E! News during the fashion show Rebecca Minkoff in New York and gave us some hints on what fans can expect.

“I think that will begin in the year 3000 when we’re all frozen,” he joked. “And our voices are digital and break the sound barrier”.

One of the speculations about the sequel is the soundtrack that you create will be completely different: “Basically, the truth is that I don’t know. I would like to have information. Right now, there is nothing”, he explained.

And when we asked for the rest of the cast and the possibility that all might return, he replied: “Really I hope so!”. Rebel Wilson, of course, has already confirmed that it will participate in the project.

Last week it was revealed that Elizabeth Banks already signed to be the director.

Banks, who became a judge on the original, will have his debut as a director.

“She brings a lot of energy and experience in everything he does, and we are eager to make your debut with us,” said Donna Langleydirector of Universal Pictures.

The film has a release date for may 15, 2015.