Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga surprise with the video for ‘Rain on me’


The collaboration of the year has arrived. Lady Gaga has finally released its theme song with Ariana Grande called ‘Rain on me’ this past Friday, may 22. Along with the theme, which recovers the original audio of Gaga, has also released a video clip that puts us squarely in ‘Chromatica’.

The sixth studio album from Lady Gaga will come to light by end of this Friday, may 29, after having been delayed by the crisis of the coronavirus. ‘Chromatica’ is a planet alternative created by Lady Gaga and already we were able to begin to discover with his first single ‘Stupid Love’.

Following the theme of futuristic and alien, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga have given us all with the video clip of ‘Rain on Me’. The song of the year has not spared no expense and has been a director very important in the landscape: Robert Rodriguez, a filmmaker known for collaborating with Quentin Tarantino.

All the efforts of the two super stars have borne fruit and the clip takes you all over the weekend as the trend in social networks the spectacular dances, the complicated choreography and the outfits that take our breath away. All the fans of the artists are happy and have the objective of convert ‘Rain on me’ in the song of the summer.

Ariana Grande has been very excited about this premiere. For her work with Lady Gaga has been a dream come true and so he defined his relationship with Gaga: “Once, I met a woman who knew the same pain that I, that I cried so much as I drank as much wine as I ate as much pasta as I do and whose heart was bigger than his whole body. It immediately became a sister to me.”

“She grabbed me by the hand and invited me to the beautiful world of Chromatica and we can together express that pretty and curator, is when you cry. I hope that the song makes you feel as good as he makes us. I love you Lady Gaga” concluded Ariana Grande. This experience has changed to the two artists and what they have captured everything in the topic and your video.