Ariana Grande follows in the footsteps of Taylor Swift and deposit money to their fans


Ariana Big money fans
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Ariana Grande follows in the footsteps of Taylor Swift and helps to their fans in the middle of a crisis giving money to those who lost their jobs because of the pandemic. The interpreter of “Thank U, Next” also announced publicly that he donated to Feeding America and to the World Health organization.

The first in support of their fans in this way was to TayTaywho , by means of social networks, he asked them their account numbers to make them small deposits and according to sources close to Ariana Grande, she is doing the same thing.

Big “has been communicating regularly with his fans on the social networks, especially with those who have been open about their financial difficultieslike not being able to pay the next services, because they have lost their jobs in the retail industry or service at the moment,” said the source.

The medium also said that the singer has supported at least ten of your followers that they are in a crisis making cash donations of between $500 up to $1,500 by means of Venmo.

For his part, Taylor Swift last week donated in the amount of three thousand dollars, to fans who were battling to stay with the economic crisis that is causing the coronavirus. The interpreter of “Network” did not make publicity about these actions, but we learned thanks to Twitter. Samantha Jacobson was one of the lucky ones that received a gift of Swift, after typing in a tweet: “without work, without income, with no way to pay my bills”. Since his work closed for the quarantine of coronavirus has been deposited 3 thousand dollars to his fans who have shown concerns on the social network.

Other celebrities like Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have given up the rents of the houses that are in Los Angeles and Blake Lively and have Angelina Jolie have donated to organizations that support victims.