Becky G public in the social networks is an explanation of his famous song “Bad Santa”


Social networks are the way that Becky G chose to get closer to all his followers, and in the last hours public a video that was all the rage.

The singerlike other big celebrities, used the extra leisure time in isolation to stay in greater contact with their fanticos.

The artist I shared a video that he co-produced with Apple in which he talks about his latest song Bad Santa not to reproduce.

In the audiovisual can be seen Becky G explicndoles to his admirers, who do not speak English the content of the letter of this success global.

After understanding what the lyrics of the song account, muchsimos followers were not long in fill of comments about how delighted they were with the song.

Besides, there is that to say that, in the midst of the Pandemic, the famous interpret sac out side ms generous and lanz a topic for benficos.

They AinT Ready is the name of the single which recaudacin be donated to the ms in need in these hard times of coronavirus.