Bella Thorne, star Disney director of cinema for adults


C. G. Bella Thorne can boast of having been, for good or for bad, one of the protagonists of this summer. About to turn 22 years old, the american actress concentr all eyes last August with his first work as a director: ‘Her and Him’ (‘She and l’), a film pornogrfica.

And is that that girl Disney for several years away completely from your facet from child star to conquer a public ms adult. Something that it seems that he has not been given anything wrong, because that makes it only a few days the organisation of the second edition of the Awards, Pornhub, I announced that Bella Thorne will receive a prize honorfico in the second installment of the awards.

Abella Danger and Small Hands they are the protagonists of ‘Her and Him’, a tape that includes besides music, the rapper Mod Sun, that was a couple of Beautiful. In a video to promote the tape, the actress recognized that their initial idea was to create “a film christmas of horrror”, but finally ahab doing “a film beautiful and etreo”.

Born in Florida in 1997, Bella Thorne inici his career of art with only six years. After small appearances in tv series, shorts and documentaries, the fame came hit thanks to his role of CeCe Jones in the series of Disney Channel ‘Shake It Up’.

In it, Thorne gave life to one of the dancers star a program on television called ‘Shake It Up Chicago’. Both the young director as his partner distribution, Zendayagained a great popularity among the public teenager with this series until its cancellation in 2013.

Bella Thorne along with Zendaya Coleman.

A year after, he gave life to the eldest daughter, and a male, of Adam Sandler in the comedy of ‘Together and stirred’. In this comedy share poster next to other intrpretes as Drew Barrymore or Kevin Nealon.

In 2015 it was one of the protagonists of ‘The Duff‘, a teen comedy about a young man who tries to revolutionize the social order of the institute after learning that a partner has put a nickname a bit embarrassing.

From then on Bella Thorne intent to let you cross her sweet Girl image Disney with films intended for a public ms adult. In 2017, he gave life to Holly, a teenager obsessed with a guy that spends a night of passion in the thriller ‘You need Me’.

That same ao participated in ‘The Babysitter‘, a tape terror the ms pure american style in which the young Cole discovers that his attractive and captivating niera hides a terrible secret.

Bella Thorne it seems that cogi gustillo to that of the cinema of terror and the supernatural, as also in 2017 gave protagoniz ‘Amityville: The Awakening’ and a year after he did his thing in ‘Echoes Deadly‘.

Among his last films are ttulos as diverse as the drama romanticist ‘Love at midnight‘the black comedy ‘Nation killer’ or the thriller independent ‘Ride’.

A book autobiogrfico

In this last year it seems that Bella Thorne has left aside, without forgetting it, her career as an actress to devote herself not only to the carrying out of ‘Her and Him‘, but also to write his first book autobiogrfico.

The actress public this summer ‘The Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray’, a book that talks about the abuse that he suffered from nia, the loss of loved ones, the anxiety, the pansexualidad and other of his experiences. Needless to say, became everything a success in sales in a short time.