Birds of Prey: concept Art reveals the original appearance of Huntress


Earlier this year we were able to see in cinemas “Birds of Perey”, film produced by Margot Robbie and that included her as the main character, repeating his role Harley Quinn.

Rhythm is forceful and accelerated action sequences, the film took an approach to feminist stories based on DC Comics, told with a cast of female first level.

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One of the actresses who participated in it was Mary Elizabeth Winstead with his interpretation of Helena Bartinelli, who in the comics plays under the alias of “Huntress”.

To be the introduction of the character in their origins, they chose to present it in a more modern way, although it has been revealed that Warner Bros. planned to give a look similar to the comics in the first place.

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The conceptual artist Greg Hopwood presented in their social networks an image of as would have worn the character, which in addition to the well-known mask of the comics, would exhibit a strong tendency to the iconography based on crosses.

In a chat with ComicBook, Cathy Yandirector of the film, said that the intention behind the change in the costume was that it tried to give it a look similar to an athlete in a style of street fight.