Britney Spears, will it leave the music? This could indicate that yes…


*Puts in repeat all the hits of Britney Spears*

The stars of the music industry come and go, but if we have to talk about the princess of pop is not so easy to give a news that probably will put an end to an era.

Yes, it is Britney Spears and the possible news that he will soon leave the music world. Everything is uncertain because the news was given by one of their sons while she was in Instagram Live on your personal account.

Jayden Federline he said: “What is going on with my breast? I’ll tell you as soon as you have 5 thousand followers on my Instagram. The things I will say in the future, when it is very popular. In fact, long time no see music-making in general. I don’t think, I don’t know, the truth I do not know”.

On the other hand, he said that his mother sooner or later will abandon the music, but gave no reasons nor any explanation.

At the moment, nor Spears, nor her team have made any comment, however, it only remains to wait for confirmation from the singer or disprove completely the comments of your child.