Can you get along with your ex? According to Jennifer Aniston yes


  • Jennifer Aniston and her dress with its own name: the reunion.
  • We show that the actress maintains good relationship with all your ex.

    Comments in publications of Instagram, re-historic, award ceremonies, and even to continue working together. Jennifer Aniston has proven in many cases and of the most varied forms that is able to get along well with all of their ex-partners. Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer, Justin Theroux… With all keeps good relationship. With ALL of them. What is the actress the person more beauty of the world? Do you have a special quality that helps you not to get carried away by bitterness? When does the created broke the mold and only she can get it?

    Now that in full confinement, many people are tempted to resume contact (in a virtual way only of course) with older couples to learn how they are and if they have been affected by the coronavirus, we wanted to talk with two psicológas that will help us to understand how to get Aniston (and the rest of the world if it can be). What are the keys? Can always get, or there are cases in which it is impossible? Why is it beneficial to maintain a good relationship with an ex-partner? Is it possible to get it with several? We resolve all these doubts and we show that according to Jennifer Aniston, yes you can.

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    Tate Donovan

    Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan when they were a couple

    Kevin.Mazur/INACTIVEGetty Images

    In 1996 was a season going out with Tate Donovan, the actor who played Joshua in ‘Friends’. Their relationship lasted two years and broke up just before that they were working together on the small screen. “It was difficult to act and do as if we were knowing and enamorándonos,” confessed Donovan. Even so, they showed a lot of químima in their chapters together. Do that if you don’t get on well with your ex is really difficult.

    Matthew Perry

    Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry when they were a couple

    Ron GalellaGetty Images

    In 1998 he was also going out with another coworker in the legendary series that gave him fame, the one in charge of giving life to Chandler Bing. They did not hesitate too much time together but continued to work for years and still today are good friends.

    Brad Pitt

    Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt when they were a couple

    George PimentelGetty Images

    Your story of love has done run rivers of ink. His first appointment was agreed with their representatives. They were married July 29, 2000 in Malibu. The divorce came five years later after filming Brad ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ with Angelina Jolie, with whom he began a relationship. The world was divided in two: or ages of the ‘Team Jennifer’ or ‘Team Angelina’. All that remained behind and have gotten back to being friends. Match at parties, and even made us believe in a possible reconciliation after their encounter in the 26th edition of the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2020.

    Vince Vaughn

    Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn when they were a couple

    Serge BENHAMOUGetty Images

    They were together for a year, and their relationship started in the filming of the comedy ‘Separated’, just after the break-up between Jennifer and Brad. Vaughn broke up with Aniston because he was bowed down with the media pressure. “If you go out with someone famous, you have a high level of attention to your around and I never got to get used to it”said. They have been seen having dinner together at some point because they kept the friendship.

    John Mayer

    Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer when they were a couple

    Angela WeissGetty Images

    The actress and the singer (nine years younger than her) began dating in February of 2008 and a year later they finished. It was a relationship intermittent and with various crises. This detail might make you think that it will not carry very much in the present. Nothing more far of the reality: in full quarantine, the singer, made a direct on Instagram and Jennifer left a comment with a few emoticons of smilies laughing. In addition to Mayer are not to be missed the celebration of 50th birthday of the actress in February 2019 and neither did Brad Pitt. What you see as it is of wonder with all your ex?

    Justin Theroux

    Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux when they were a couple

    JB LacroixGetty Images

    He has been the last. Jennifer and Justin began their relationship in 2011 when they agreed on the shooting of the film ‘get me out of the paradise’. The ‘yes, I want’ came in a secret ceremony on August 5, 2015 to which guests came thinking that they were going to celebrate the birthday of the actor. In February, 2018 and the couple announced their separation in an official statement sent by his representative. The text ended with this sentence: “we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love we have for one another”. And so it has been because you showed on Instagram a year after their divorce, they shared a dinner prior to the day of thanksgiving with the friends you have in common such as Courtney Cox, Jimmy Kimmel, Jason Bateman or Will Arnett.

    To know what is the secret of Jennifer Aniston, we’ve spoken to the psychologists Pillar Count Clinical Source and Mónica Dosil of Doctoralia.

    Keys to achieving this:
    -Understand that your partner is not a lifetime commitment.
    -If faithfulness was something important, do not transgress that boundary until the end of the relationship.
    -Once the occurrence of the rupture, to allow a time of separation to overcome it.
    -To resume the contact when both people are clear that they do not want to go back.
    -Never remember the negative aspects of the past and try to improve communication.
    -Collaborate with your ex when you need to start a relationship of friendship.

    Can get always?
    Base yes, while there is a willingness on the part of both. But there are occasions in which it is impossible: if there are past wounds that produce consequences in the present, if one of the parties continues in love, if there is lack of respect, if every time that you see discussed or if one of the parties does not want to have any kind of contact for whatever reason.

    Benefits of getting along with an ex:

    -Do management perfect of your emotions and you don’t have past wounds into account.
    You add people to your circle of relationships instead of deleting them.
    -Try to repair personal relationships. It promotes mental health and reduces stress.
    -Frees emotions such as resentment, anger or spite.
    -If you have children in common, gives greater security to the minors, not to create partisanship and allows you to share quality time with them.

    What can be achieved with several old couples?
    Usually the one who is able to do it with a is because it is his way of relating and repeated. It will also depend on how you confront the other person.

    What it is advisable to return the contact during confinement?
    The least intrusive manner is an audio message. It is much more personal than a WhatsApp and less intimidating than a call. You’ve decided to take the contact does not mean that your ex is prepared. Better to be prudent.

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