Cara Delevingne celebrates with her friends after her separation from Ashley Benson


The model seeks companionship in the midst of his breakup with the actress.

This may 6, E! News confirmed the order of the courtship of Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson after two years of relationship.

The couple formalized their romance publicly in June 2019, when the star of Carnival Row published in their networks in a video where it appears kissing passionately the protagonist of Pretty Little Liars.

The fans in the Face and Ashley are still awaiting some information on the reasons for their split, but it seems that Delevingne has decided to pass the first stage of your break surrounded by your friends most famous.

Watch the video above and you know all the details on the recent feast of Face, and other celebrities.

All seemed well between Face and Ashley on the 17th of march, when the actress Suicide Squad posted a video of the couple recreating a scene from Keeping Up With the Kardashians for Tik Tok.

Like his ex, Ashley has remained quiet about the separation.

Last October, Cara described herself as the “girl luckiest in the world” thanks to Ashley.

“It is very nice to have someone in my life that support me so much and I love you,” she told E! News on the red carpet of the Awards #GirlHero 2019.