Cardi B shares one of the sweetest moments of Kulture


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Cardi B captured in his history of Instagram to your sweet baby for a year making cookies with her aunts. Kulture clung to the bags of ice with a glaze of orange, pink, blue, and purple, ready for something to happen to magic in the kitchen. “Then your aunts are going to make cookies with you while I take a nap until tomorrow morning“ said the rapper of “Money”.

The clip of Cardi B was full of clips of Kulture. The small ate snacks and tried climbing a few gates to baby proof to get to his mother. The two have spent a lot of quality time together, while you are still in quarantine. In addition, Cardi B, Kulture and Offset, the husband of the singer, celebrated a special occasion recently: Mother’s Day.

In the picture that commemorated the day, Cardi holding the sweet little Kulture in his lap, while the girl marveled at the string of a balloon that read, “a great mom”. The compensation was maintained at the end of the rope, ensuring that the sweet balloon is not flying out, while he and Kulture gave the detail to the Cardi.

On the other hand, the singer was very angry after knowing the decision taken by the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp. The executive gave high quarantine in the midst of the pandemic of the COVID-19, a measure that came into effect on 30 April. “Cardi is furious because these restrictions are rising early, she thinks that is very wrong,” said a source.

And is that, for those who don’t know, Cardi B lived the fatal consequence of coronavirus very closely. The disease claimed the life of an uncle of Offset, and do not want to see more people infected. “This is so personal for Cardi and her husband. He already had to dismiss a member of the family”, explained an informant to the magazine HollywoodLife at the end of the month of April.