Chiara Ferragni and Kylie Jenner show the latest in manicure: nail fire, and rainbows


Chiara from Milan and Kylie from Los Angeles. Both are the influencers of the fashion world’s most recognized and trend setting with their choices of dressing, make up and now nails. Recently each shared on Instagram the new styles of nail art that quickly became viral and all his followers want to copy.

First, what did Chiara Ferragni, with the “Polish fire”. The Italian was encouraged to carry nail enamel multicolor glow and drawings of flames. Thanks to the help of his manicure, as we could see in their stories, played with the colors shocking and opted for all: yellow, pink, blue, green, and violet. The flames are a stronger version or contrasting each tone and are a kind of “French” and very original, each drawn with great precision.

The picture won nearly half a million likes and thousands of comments from fans asking how they can imitate his new style of manicure. Even her husband, the rapper Fedeznot want to be left out of this trend and also experimented with the flames, but in key green water and black.

Kylie Jenner returned to make your own with your nails rainbow soft. With a base enamel pink and francesitas of neon turquoise and lime greenwore a more sophisticated version of the rainbow nails, but with a touch of fun.

With a bouquet of roses in the background, the youngest of the klan Kardashian shocked his followers and gained over 3 million likes. Do you animás to look some of these designs on your nails?