David Yesterday I wanted to that Suicide Squad will begin with the arch of the June Moon and Enchantress


Without a doubt, the 2020 is becoming a year too much of a surprise. While a pandemic has altered what we knew as “normal” and the cinematic experience has been completely transferred to households, and Zack Snyder got what seemed impossible: HBO MAX released in 2021 the Snyder Cut League of Justice – 41%. In a scenario as well, for the fans it makes sense that we might eventually see the cut-out of David Ayer Suicide Squad – 25%. In accordance with the own filmmaker, the film I had in mind was going to be very different. Now, he reveals that he would have liked that the film started with June Moon/Enchantress (Cara Delevingne).

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The past few days social networks have been rocked with the news that the Snyder Cut will come next year. The followers of the Universe-Extended DC they could not be more happy that you will do justice to the film, that in 2017 it disappointed the critics and the audience. In that sense, the rumors that David Yesterday you will have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to your vision of the movie starring Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Deadshot (Will Smith) and the rest of the controversial team of anti-heroes, are more latent than never.

The fans are taking the opportunity to talk with the man behind Suicide Squad and that will give you more details about everything that we saw on the big screen. Recently a follower tweeted about how much they appreciated the fact that in the film, the government is fully aware of the existence of the metahumanos. The tweeter pointed out that surely the film was intended to begin with the scene of three minutes of June Moon discovering Enchantress. David Yesterday confirmed the course by the fan (via Comic Book):

Yes, Enchantress/ June Moon is arched more firmly in my court.

This revelation about what Yesterday I would have wanted to present in his version of Suicide Squad in addition to his long list of statements through the years. The director has confessed that I wanted to make a Harley Quinn completely different, it even began to engage in a romance with Deadshot. The film was also going to provide us with a vision very different from the Joker (Jared Leto), a character that turned out to be one of the most criticized of the disastrous feature film. Despite the fact that today the rumors about the arrival of the Yesterday Cut they are very strong, in 2017, the filmmaker stated that what we saw on the big screen was his version of the production (via Comic Book):

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This cut of the film is my court. There is not any kind of version of parallel universe of the film, the movie launched is my court.

Recently a couple of tweets published by AT&T (the company that owns Warner Media), and a new report that ensures that the producer of Zack Snyder hired to the company of special effects Zoic Studios to conclude the remaining material of the Snyder Cut and the Yesterday Cutprowl the social networks and fill it with hope to the fans that they want the director to have the opportunity to present their version of Suicide Squad. It is anticipated that this production present the original plot of the Enchantress with the boxes mother and apokoliptianos, which would be directly linked with the Justice League.

Currently the director James Gunn is working on the postproduction of The Suicide Squad. The film will bring back the main character of Birds of prey and the fantabulosa emancipation of a Harley Quinn – 75% in his iconic role, but reports indicate that this is not a sequel of the movie Yesterday. Warner Bros. he hired the man behind Guardians of the Galaxy – 91% for what seems to be a reboot of what we saw in 2016.

The Suicide Squad to be released on August 21, 2021 and will be outstanding, because there is a huge possibility that a first trailer will premiere in the online edition of Comic-con San Diego.

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