Deezer launches its ‘podcasts’ in Mexico and Central america


The ‘podcasts’ on Deezer are both local and global, are divided into over 15 categories and they deal with topics as diverse as comedy, sport, culture, cooking, self-help, fiction, erotica, history, parenting, spirituality, business news, content for children, and interviews, among many others.

One of the big differentiators of the platform is the creation of local content. “We offer music and ‘podcasts’ original and exclusive that really interest audiences in Latin america and cannot be found anywhere else. Among them, the ‘podcasts’ latinos, which are full of local talent,” said the company in a press release.

The Radio of the Republic: The daily podcast in which Chumel Torres has, ironically, your point of view on politics, the spectacle and the everyday occurrences in Mexico

‘The Cotorrisa’: Listen to Ricardo Perez and Slobotzky every Wednesday talking about the news strange, curious facts and anecdotes funny.

“This launch is the result of our overall growth and comes at a good time, because people need all the entertainment possible to spend your time at home”, explained Mauricio Mendoza, head of Content and Industry Relations (Head of Content and Industry Relations) of Deezer.

The following ‘podcasts’ also in Spanish have other topics of interest:
‘The Wave’: A ‘podcast’ recently premiered and an original production of Deezer. In his first season, this ‘podcast’ is dedicated to the Wave of women of the Latin music that have left a legacy as Ivy Queen, Gloria Trevi, Jenni Rivera, Selena, Karol G & Natti Natasha, among others.
Me lo dijo Adela and The Saga: Lyou two podcasts by journalist and interviewer most recognized in Mexico: Adela Micha. In this unique program interview the same to a businessman, a singer, a politician or an actor with a sense of humor unparalleled.
No Chile You Embona: The first podcast of LGBT in Mexico created by the community of Escándala
‘Coronaviruses: Reality vs. fiction, with Dr. Elmer Huerta’ (CNN in Spanish): The doctor will keep you informed of what you need to know about the pandemic.

‘Guided meditation: The podcast’: A quiet space to help people who want to meditate, relax and/or sleep.

‘Books for Entrepreneurs’: In each episode, the entrepreneur and ‘business evangelist’ Luis Ramos, summarises a useful book related to entrepreneurship.

“With the new function of ‘podcast’ “In progress”, you’ll be able to see in one place (a ‘playlist’) all the episodes that you started to listen and couldn’t finish, so that you re-engage quickly when you want to,” said the company.
The space creators is here.

The platform has over 16 million global users.

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