Demi Lovato enters the list of popularity with “Anyone”


After interpretation of the song “Anyone” at the last Grammy awards, the american singer Demi Lovato managed to position the topic in the list of the 100 most played songs in the last week.

According to the list published by the official site Rolling Stonethe theme written by the interpreter “Skyscraper“and “Warrior“it was placed in the place number 23 from the list, this after having premiered at the edition number 62 of the Grammy, in which his presentation was acclaimed by the attendees.

According to information from the same site, “Ayone” recorded the greatest number of reproductions in places like New York, Boston and Philadelphia; the composition defined as a “cry for help” by the singer herself, in addition to the time, more than 5.3 million transmissions.

With the theme, Lovato marks his return to the music, this after the episode of overdose fentanyl that went through in 2018, and that the kept out of focus in the media for several months, however, the singer shared that the recording of “Anyone“it was four days before the event.

“At the time I was saving, almost every time that I listened to and heard, that letter seemed to me a `cry for help. If you hear you think ‘how does anyone ever heard that song and thought, let’s help this girl?” shared Demi the television presenter Zane Lowe.