Director of “Suicide Squad” reveals a different start with Enchantress


David Yesterday I wanted a opening different for your movie “Suicide Squad”. The director has engaged with fans on Twitter in the days since Warner Media announced that the “Justice League Snyder’s Cut” will come to HBO Max in 2021.

A fan tweeted in Yesterday, pointing out that they enjoyed how the government seems to be aware of the existence of metahumanos in the movie.

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The fan guessed that Yesterday I wanted to open the movie with three minutes of June Moone discovering the sorceress before the sequence of opening credits. Yesterday he replied in the affirmative, and added that “Enchantress / June Moone is bow more firmly in my court”.

“Suicide Squad” it underwent an extensive re-launch before it opened cinemas in 2016. The announcement of Snyder Cut has fed the hopes of the fans the original version of Yesterday for the film will come to light. Yesterday seems skeptical.

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“It’s just not my call or my IP”, tweeted Yesterday. “I love WB, it has always been my ‘home studio’. Respect and fully support the incredible path it is taking DCU under his direction. My cut of Suicide Squad you can always be just a rumor. And that’s good.”

Warner Bros. hired James Gunn to adopt a new approach of the team of DC Comics in “The Suicide Squad”. Margot Robbie will return as Harley Quinn along with a few other stars of the original film, but those involved say the film is not a sequel of the movie Yesterday.

“The Suicide Squad” hit theaters the August 21, 2021.