Do the look that Katy Perry would have worn to the Met Gala 2020 is inspired by Madonna?


Katy Perry would have worn to the Met Gala this year, an iconic piece that reminds us of a characteristic of the unparalleled style of Madonna.

Met Gala 2020 Katy Perry

May 6, 2020

The Met Gala it is the most anticipated event of the fashion industry, but as you know, was cancelled due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Celebrities and designers around the world have been sharing on social networks your best memories of the event and those looks the red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has seen it happen over the years. However, that Katy Perry shared immediately called our attention.

The singer announced her pregnancy last march 4, by sharing her new video Never Worn White in Instagram, and we were all anxious to see what you would use in the anticipated event that traditionally takes place on the first Monday of may. “What would have been,” remarked the american, in his official account, referring to an amazing piece built in silk pink and signed by Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s another iconic piece that is added to the list of French designer! But, what do you remember?

Katy Perry Met Gala

Because Madonna became the Cone Bra, also devised by Jean Paul, in a piece of epic in 1990, when he began his tour entitled Blond Ambition. This was accompanied in his years stellar when he sang Like a Prayer and Papa Don t Preachmaking it a feature that is representative of their aesthetic and iconic style. And is that Katy has all the elements of design like that of Madonna in her piece, such as the volume, the cross lines and the texture in relief.

Madonna Jean Paul Gaultier

If you did not know, this year the chosen theme for the Met Gala for the Costume Institute of the most visited museum in the Big Apple, was About Time: Fashion and Duration. This is a journey in time, from 1870 to today, using the concept of ladurée the French philosopher Henri Bergson and exploring how the clothing generates associations temporary that combine the past, the present and the future.

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Valeria Viniegra

Valeria Viniegra