Emilia Clarke talks about remake last season of “Game of Thrones”


The actress considers that it’s flattering that fans of the series are so interested in making another version of this season.

This year came to an end the popular series “Game of Thrones”. Its end sparked a lot of comments on the part of the followers, those who were not very happy with the outcome and was asked to redo the full season. It is for this reason that Emilia Clarke decided to respond to all those who have spoken to change what is seen in the six episodes.

To promote his latest film, “Last Christmas”, the actress spoke with This Morning and it was there where he had a moment to talk about the series. “It is deeply flattering that people actually cared so much and were with us for so long and really believed in it,”

On the negative comments that fans made on the internet, Clarke acknowledged that he was not very thorough, stating that “I don’t read anything online because it’s really not helping my brain, but in general cbelieve that the people was really friendly with Daenerys and Mother Dragon and that was lovely“.

In the conversation, the actress had words for fans who ask to redo the eighth season and was emphatic in his statement: “No matter how many signatures you have on a piece of paper, you simply can’t and that is really very flattering”, to which he added: “I don’t think that there is a final that no one would have written“.

Watch the interview of Emilia Clarke in This Morning: