Emilia Clarke’s allegation that she was pressured to do nudity in Game of Thrones


“I had several discussions. For example, I said that the sheet I covered the whole body and they said, ‘you won’t want to disappoint your followers Game of Thrones” he told the british actress in the podcast Armchair Expert that leads the actor Dax Shepard.

The actress accepted the pressures, the insinuation, for he was young, a rookie and inexperienced. “Now I am wiser and I know things I feel more comfortable”, he mentions and stresses that precisely where most scenes of this type was during the first season of the series… although it was not stipulated in your contract.

“I accepted the job and after they sent me the scripts. When read it was like: ‘Oh, here is the catch (but) had just come out of the school of theatre and what I took as a job. If it was in the script, then it was clearly necessary. (And then thought) ‘This is what there is, and I’m going to do that makes sense. Everything is going to be great’.”