Famous that they can’T stand Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence it went from being a rising star to a figure uncomfortable in Hollywood. Personality “extrovert” of the actress has been embraced by some as spontaneous and honest… but others believe that it is a facade.

We’re not talking about fans or film critics… the “haters” of Jennifer Lawrence are your own colleagues. There are famous who prefer to turn their eyes in order not to have to face up to the protagonist of Los the hunger games.

On several occasions recently, he has been noted for making racist comments, or lying about supposed “anecdotes” that never happened. But this is the reason why some celebrities the hate:

1. Verbally abused (for no apparent reason) Lindsay Lohan

It is no secret that Lindsay Lohan has a history of problematic addictions. But nobody understands because Jennifer Lawrence pulled it up in 2015, during an interview to promote the tape Joy. “I have, like, the exhaustion-of-grade Lindsay Lohan, but without the drugs or alcohol,” said Jennifer.

On Twitter, the younger sister of Lindsay, Aliana said that Jennifer had “disappointed”. Dina the mother of Lohan also defended his daughter by stating: “you should Not destroy anyone, it was amazing”.

2. Jared Leto laughed at his fall

During the ceremony of the Oscars in 2014, the actress claimed someone was laughing at her in the audience. It was Jared Lero, who was carcajeando with her family to the joke about if Jennifer was going to fall again on the stand. The singer does not believe that the clumsiness of the actress to be accidental. “I’m starting to wonder if this is a bit like a performance,” he said.

3. Joan Rivers accused her of being a hypocrite

In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence criticized the program Fashion Police by to be superficial and judge people by their appearance. The host, Joan Rivers, defended his project by saying: “It’s funny that Jennifer Lawrence will love [el show] during the awards season when congratulated them each week.”

4. Chloë Sevigny believes that it is rude

In an interview of 2015, the star of American Horror Story enlisted women I admired, like Emma Stone and Angelina Jolie. Later he was asked if there was any actress that does not fall well. “I find Jennifer Lawrence very uncomfortable. Too rude,” said Chloë.

5. Insulted the beliefs of Spencer Pratt

In 2017, during an interview, Jennifer Lawrence said that her new home was full of crystals healing when you bought it. Despite the fact that she was told that she could not simply move, the actress said that he sold all of them and “hated”.

In response, the star The HillsSpencer Pratt, said that she felt attacked by the statements of the actress, as he is a firm believer in these crystals, healing. He even said that the actress had made specifically for him during that interview, although not naming him directly.

Photo: AP

6. He almost drops the boyfriend to Miley Cyrus…

Although Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth today they are happily married, but for a time it was rumored that Jennifer Lawrence had been the third in discord among them. On one occasion, Jennifer even admitted that he had kissed Liam when the cameras were not rolling at the record The hunger games.

Photo: Alejandro Godinez/The Universal

7. … and ended with the marriage of Anna Faris

When Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence filmed together Passengers (2008), Anna Faris went through a hell. While her husband shared scenes burning with Jennifer and flirting with her on the press tour, Anna admitted that she began to feel increasingly unsafe. In his defense, Jennifer tried to calm Anna and tell her that there was nothing between her and Chris, but it was too late.

Photo: Jaimie Trueblood/Columbia Pictures/Sony via AP

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8. Insulted Lala Kent on national television

Again, without provocation, Jennifer Lawrence insulted another star in a televised interview. Speaking of the tv reality star Lala Kent, Jennifer called her “cunt”, an insult strong enough in English.

Lala replied on Twitter: “you’re one of the actresses better paid of the planet … are you saying that you are pro-woman and flames c ** t to another woman? You’re disgusting”

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