Fans criticize Nicki Minaj for her collaboration with Tekashi 6ix9ine


Tekashi 6ix9ine he returned to the music almost immediately after being released from prison in April. The rapper hair rainbow, which sold platinum, launched “GOOBA” in may after serving more than a year behind bars for multiple charges and is still working hard on new songs. The rumors say that he is actually working on a collaboration with Nicki Minajbut not all of them are here to do this.

Below, you will find more information about your new song it is rumored and how the people pointing to Nicki Minaj.

The rappers had already made musical collaboration before/Photo: The Press

The rappers had already made musical collaboration before/Photo: The Press

The alleged song of Tekashi69 with Nicki Minaj

6ix9ine has not said anything directly on a new song with the star of the “MEGATRON”. But it sparked the rumors in mid-may after teasing an upcoming project that may “break the Internet”, according to Ace Showbiz.

The speculation only grew when not acknowledged a report of MTO News, who claimed that Nicki Minaj had recorded a verse, and would travel to New York later in may to record a video with him.

The own Nicki Minaj has not yet commented on the matter, but the fans believe that you dropped a hint on Twitter on the 18th of may, when they tweeted an emoji of a taco, who believe that it could be the name of the song.

Only time will tell what the rapper “GUMMO” has in store for his fans. But whatever it is, 6ix9ine has repeatedly said in Instagram that will fall on the 29th of may.

Why fans are critical of Nicki Minaj?

The fans are upset with the way that she seems to overlook the criminal history of 6ix9ine, specifically his declaration of guilt by an incident of 2015, which involved the “sexual abuse” of a girl of 13 years. This was something that came in 2018 when he worked with 6ix9ine, 24 years ago, in his hit song “FEFE”, but apparently did not address the reaction.

Critics expressed concern about the alleged collaboration in social networks and noted that he also was married with Kenneth Petty in October of 2019, who was convicted of attempted rape in the 90s.

The rapper addressed criticisms in 2019, making it clear that she was in a relationship with the victim. But that doesn’t necessarily helped the situation, because it meant that the situation was well simply because they were together.

Besides that, Nicki Minaj has been accused of supporting his brother Jelani Maraj, who was convicted of raping a child of 11 years old in 2017. Reports allege that he asked the clemency of his judge and visited him in jail. However, sources told TMZ that she only went to the prison to support her mother.

In general, many fans are simply not here for this collaboration that is rumored. A fan turned to Twitter and called Nicki Minaj “garbage” for allegedly working with 6ix9ine, while another claimed that the rapper is on the verge of being cancelled.

“Once more supporting sex offenders,” said a third tweet.

Even their fans and die-hard expressed his concern at the news, even someone wrote: “I don’t have the energy to defend this woman if you make a song with that man.” Really I don’t.”

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However, there are some that are really eager for the song which is rumored. A fan assumed that it would be a “bop”, while another dropped a series of emojis of hearts.

“Omg another 6ix9ine and nicki beat on the way to God,” added another fan.

We’ll see if it really is true.