Hailee Steinfeld looks too much like Carly Rae Jepsen… (+ Audio)

Hailee Steinfeld

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The young actress and singer just gave us the best gift for the weekend.

Hailee Steinfeld it is one of the it girl of the moment in Hollywood, and is that in addition to forming part of the celebrated squad of Taylor Swiftthis girl of barely eighteen years, we have been delighted with his performances worthy of Oscars and, more recently, with its explosive pop music.

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With its origins within the magical world of Disneynow Steinfeld surprises us with his new album entitled Haiz. Within this EP, which consists of four powerful themes, is Love MySelfhis first promotional single that has us singing and dancing from the past month of August, and in which he worked with great producers like Mattman & Robin.

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Behind this theme is followed by other as You’re Such A, Rock Bottomand Hell We and Headphones.

After listening to all these songs simply say, “Thank you Hailee for Haiz!”

Hailee Steinfeld, Haiz

Courtesy Republic Records

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