Hailey Baldwin, a bride atypical that changed the high heels for… oh, shoes!

The famous stanza of Lesley Gore, “Its my party and I’ll cry if I want to,”, define the perfection that, if on tastes there is nothing written, in the matter of weddings, the same thing happens. Each couple celebrates their special day their way, occasion in which was used to let out the personality of both. It was the case of the celebration of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. The ‘yes, I want’, of the model and the singer was anything but typical. Boats watercraft, a dress as the Diana of Wales and even a bridal look that was a suit jacket and trousers were some of the peculiarities of that part of the list of links in the year (with the permission of prince Harry and Meghan Markle). And as we can’t figure out the details more curious of the last marriage of the star systemthe stylist of the dummy has revealed another bombshell. Do list to figure it out?

Hailey Baldwin

Maeve Reillywho , in addition to dress the model, form part of his intimate circle of friends even your best training partner, played a key role in the wedding to help Hailey to choose the dresses that will accompany the big day. If until now you only knew the dress official, signed by Off-White and with the text “Until death do us part” embroidered on the veil, an expert in trends has revealed two other. A dress lencero signed by Ralph & Russowith a plunging neckline halter that makes it impossible not to relate it with the look of the duchess of Sussex, and another left for the time of the dance.

Hailey Baldwin

Your prom dress was the work of Vera Wanga design made to measure and custom straps spaghetti and dropped shoulders with which the pair gave it all on the dance floor. But, between footwear heel and jewel exclusive, there was an accessory that Hailey was not separated when the music began: their running shoes lace-up. A choice that, seeing the publication shared by Maeve, not a passion to the stylist. “With that dress, she danced all night. And yes, bah, sneakers“said her friend, making it clear that it was not something that made them especially grace.

Hailey Baldwin

However, one of the things that has always stood out of the model is that, in addition to dare with everything, is faithful to his personality. And, what’s more practical than opting for the sneakers more comfortable in the closet -those that you use every day – for the night in which, more than ever, we need to move with comfort? In addition, the idea of Hailey has seemed to inspire some of his followers, who are already saying that, for on the day of your wedding, they’re going to bet for the sports. “Decided, the day that I marry I will go with sneakers“was the comment widespread of their followers, the proof that we could be at the next trend in bridal.

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