Halle Berry acknowledged what was the worst movie that touched him starring


It is one of the women most recognized Hollywood, winner of an Oscar as best actress and owner of a beauty that is still showing full and current. It is always a pleasure to see and listen to Halle Berry. Recently proved it with a sensual tattoo that is made in the back.

The brunette is presenting John Wick 3, the new film that has as one of its protagonists, and participated in the cycle The Late Late Show, led by the charismatic James Corden. Berry underwent the section “Spill Your Guts”, where you had a choice between answering questions or uncomfortable to eat exotic dishes as testes or turkey tacos with beetles.

First asked with whom they would not return to work, and although, in principle, made gestures of correction with give names, ended up agreeing to try the food offered by Corden.

Until I asked him what was the worst movie he had to shoot, and there were encouraged to leave their opinion. “I’m sorry for everyone who worked on this shoot, but I think that it is a film that was called I wish mortalsaid the actress.

The film is from 1996 and was directed by Amy Holden Jones, a professional with a long career in american television. “I forgive you. I don’t like to say bad things of other women, but when we were saving it I knew that that was not going to be a cinematic experience very satisfactory for the public,” he added. Honesty brutal the of Halle, and his grateful followers.