Halsey and Evan Peters could confirm their dating


New ship unlocked! Halsey and Evan Peters continue to feed the rumors of romanceboth have been seen consistently in several dating.

After the end of his relationship with the singer Yungblud, Halsey they began dating with the actor, who apparently has been your crush, well, he has admired since forever. doIt will be already formalized your relationship? This is what we know.

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They were first seen on a date at the amusement park “Six Flags”, but the appointments have continued. The couple attended the celebration of the 100 episodes of the series “American Horror Story”, even ported disguises of couple. Awww!

And as it is time of Halloween, you both decided to celebrate at a party, and Halsey shared a photo in your account of Instagram, which makes it more official your relationship.

However, nothing has been confirmed, but Halsey was seen a few days ago at a cafeteria, and a fan managed to capture a photo where you can see your wallpaper, which consists of photographs of both, it seems that Halsey it is very flechada by Evan.