Halsey is taking makeup to another level | Fashion and Beauty


When it launched the series Euphoriaone of the things that most caught the attention, apart from his vision on the youth and their problems of today, was the makeup you wore some of their players, a real fantasy that did not go unnoticed.

Perhaps that’s why, lately, we are getting used to see this explosion of color in the faces of the celebs. And one of the best representatives of this type of facial makeup is Halsey. There is more to see their wall of Instagram to realize that he likes to experiment in this regard.

But not content with what they had shown until now, it seems that he has decided to take it a step further and is taking the theme of the makeup to another level.

What we have seen in recent red carpet has starred in. Your look in the perched of the American Music Awards it was a real past that could be like more or less but that showed creativity.

And that is what is leading to their recent performances. In that same gala we saw his performance which was a real artistic performance in which the music he shared the stage with the pictorial creation. He began to sing fully dressed in white and ended up as a work of Pollock.

The case is that now he has decided to mix both things and we have seen the result at the Awards gala Aria. The makeup has regained prominence but with another dimension. His face has become a canvas and your makeup into a work of art. “We did it to Dani and me a Picasso”, he wrote next to the image of his face.

In addition, as the artists change their clothing to pose on the carpet, to act, to see the gala… she also does makeup. If your face picasso was setting the scene for act, to pose also bet on the color, but in a more discrete manner. Yes, he’s as gimmicky.

It is clear that Halsey is the makeup that Rosalia to the manicure.