Halsey reveals the threats atrocious suffered by a performance in which he danced with another woman


Halsey it is one of the current artists that not only stands out for her talent on stage but also for being converted into the standard-bearer of the bisexual community. The singer, 25, has never hidden his sexual orientation, although it has been receiving criticism. Now just reveal one of the darkest chapters of his career: the threats that you received after performing in The Voice next to another woman.

We look back to December of 2018, at which time Halsey took the stage of the reality The Voice to execute a flawless interpretation of the song Without you accompanied by a magnetic choreography next to Jade Chynoweth.



At that moment, once there was issued the program, Halsey had to face some criticism from the more conservative sectors, who considered the action too sexual. However, the singer did not reveal the truth of hell that he suffered until now.

And is that Halsey, who has just been interviewed by The Timeshe explained the horribes threats and harassment he suffered at the root of that show. “People said: ‘What is that rubbish lesbian is on tv?’, explains Halsey, who says that leaked publicly your mobile number and e-mail.

Halsey, acting on 'The Voice' next to Jade Chynoweth

Halsey, acting on ‘The Voice’ next to Jade Chynoweth

“People send me messages on plan ‘I’m going to rape you right now’ and stuff like that atrocious”, confesses the singer. “There are other performances of other artists who are much more sexual than mine”, it defends itself by making reference to the hypocrisy of many families: “There is where is the important thing. The young people who are sitting on the sofa in his house along with his father angry, mother angry, listening as they throw insults. The child who is afraid to come out of the closet you need to see these things on television,” said the artist.

What is true is that watching the performance of Halsey next to Jade Chynoweth you can’t say that it has to be classified as for adult audiences, although for taste, colors.