H&M gives you all the Shawn Mendes that you need with your new collaboration


Shawn Mendes

If you love the merch from the artists, and if you bought all the parts Ariana Grande when he launched his collection at H&M, this news you will love it. Shawn Mendes followed your steps and also worked with the retailer Swedish clothing exclusive. What’s best of all? You do not need to buy a ticket to one of their concerts to have it.

The collection is available in physical stores and online from ALREADY and have a lot of details in pink and roses that will give the perfect touch to your color to your outfits.

And no, there is no excuses of “I don’t have money”, the pieces of the 299 weights up to 399 pesosso your half will not suffer the ravages and your closet will thank you infinitely. From tshirts, going for hoodies, and even a tote and beanie the gym, you can be sure that the merch from Shawn Mendes it is the best way to prove that you are his fan.

merch Shawn Mendes

With this collection, Shawn becomes the latest singer to collaborate with H&M. Ariana recently launched a complete collection of merch that had as main topic the release of his successful album Thank U, Next,. Recently, Justine Skye also premiered a line of clothing.

merch H&M

Until now, Shawn has not made statements about what it inspired you to create your merch but taking into account the details in pink and roses, we believe that it was in his girlfriend Camila Hair because it definitely has a romantic touch that only a lover can capture.

Shawn Mendes H&M

Not to say more and go here to buy it today.