How Ecuador will be able to enroll any child with the name COVID or Coronavirus? | Ecuador | News


A girl, born in the Philippines in April, was called by his parents as Covid Marie; in India, a mother will put as the name of his two sons Crown. These situations may not be repeated in Ecuador, according to the director general of Civil Registration, Vicente Taiano Gonzalez.

The numeral 2 of article 36 of the Organic Law of Identity Management and Data Civil notes that it “will not be able to assign names that constitute words extravagant, ridiculous or that degrade human dignity or to express notions, unless its use as a name has been enshrined traditionally”.

“We tried to explain to the officers that would have to be very careful, that is not a minor thing able to register with a name X,y, Z to a child that can then be taken for bullying or teasing… sometimes one is a joke and the joke is not aware of the importance that carries the name and the surname, the identity”, he noted

Through social networks, have been viralizado false images of names associated with the disease in certificates of minors. Taiano stated that while there is awareness of the citizens about the topic, there are still cases that occur in several cities. It is for this reason that before you embarked on awareness campaigns and the importance of the name.

“What we seek is that they are very outstanding the operators of this theme and it won’t be an obstacle, and that the way in which it tells the citizen to be a correct way so that you do not feel that it is clogging or breach of a right”, he explained.

The last antecedent of the registration of a name unlikely or extravagant was recorded in December of 2019 in Manabi. There was registered a child with the name Mia Khalifa, the name of a exactriz of adult cinema.

From the 4th of may, the Civil Registry enabled 24 agencies for the registration of birth, prior the appointments in a system of shift Monday to Friday. (I)