How Keanu Reeves was tricked into starring in this film


Photo: Universal Pictures

At the beginning of this millennium, Keanu Reeves starred in The Watchera tape so bad that it not only failed in terms of fundraising and in the face of criticism, but which earned the acclaimed interpreter with a very little desired nomination at the Razzie Awards in the category of Worst supporting Actor.

Without a doubt, the film became a black spot within the filmography of canadian, but to its favour it is to be mentioned that Reeves was deceived to be part of the project.

As recalled Screen Rant, one day, while playing hockey with Joe Charbanic (who led and directed the feature film), Keanu verbally agreed to perform a small role in the film for that Charbanic to use their name and to gain the funding that I needed.

Photo: Universal Pictures

The plan worked to perfection, and the budget of The Watcher it rose to $ 30 million, but the writers of the tape, Darcy Meyers, David Elliot and Clay Ayers rewrote the role of Reeves making it a main role, forcing the interpreter of Neo in Matrix to appear in a large part of the story instead of just a few scenes.

Keanu wanted to leave The Watcherbut his legal team warned him on a previous case in which an actor broke a verbal agreement and he ended up in an extensive legal battle, so he decided to make the film, but was more angry when he discovered that his co-stars, James Spader and Marisa Tomeireceived a million dollars each for their work, while he paid only the scale of association.

In an effort to smooth things out with Reeves, Universal Pictures, the company responsible for distributing the feature film, agreed to exclude it mainly marketing The Watcher and allow you not to participate in any press event for the film in exchange for which the actor had to wait at least a year after the film’s release to publicly reveal his issues with the production.

Photo: Universal Pictures

Indeed, a year after the Lebanese-born revealed the whole story, including the fact that the other likely former friend had falsified his signature on a contract for The Watcherand the legal team of Reeves did not believe that he could prove conclusively to the forgery in court, adding another reason for him to simply give up and participate in the project.