Indignation collective behavior of Millie Bobby Brown at this announcement


Millie Bobby Brown it is without doubt one of the young actresses most quoted of the moment. His incredible performance of Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ and their active struggle for equality have made her someone very much admired by young people all over the world. That’s why brand is so important as that Talk you wanted to have with her this summer for its new ad. However, the result has not been expected, as it has come with controversy and criticism from many parents.

The brand Talkfounded in 1908, has decades of being one of the most popular on the market. That success continues today and children, youth, and adults surrender to these running shoes are perfect for almost any occasion.

The key is, probably, that 110 years later, still renewing and adapting to this changing society. His latest strategy has been to have one of the actresses most popular for its new advertising campaign, Millie Bobby Brown, who after stealing the heart in ‘Stranger Things’, continues to set trend among young people with its different vision of the world.

What happens is that this campaign, launched in July of this year, has brought with it a strong controversy. The ad starring the actress shows Millie speaking from the passenger seat of a car. In this monologue, the british explained their struggle against those who tell you how you should be a girl and what you should get.


The problem, for some, is that Millie has a foot on the dashboard, something that traffic authorities warn that it is very dangerous in case of an accident. And some parents, very outraged with the announcement, have criticized that promotes a dangerous behavior that could be copied by other adolescents and children.

Therefore, as Converse argued that at no time encourages illegal conduct, the Standards Authority Advertising decided to review this controversial spot and the conclusion is that the video does not violate any rule, so that will not be removed.