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Ensenada, Baja California.- He has worked with Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Tommy Lee Jones and Gael García, among many others, but only has asked for three autographs in his life.

One, still preserved, is of a tennis player ensenadense Raúl Ramírez.

“I’ve been with people who are very famous, but in my life I just asked three autographs: Jimmy Connors, Raul Ramirez, and drummer of The Doors, John Densmore, that was for my children,” he said in an interview with the AGP Sports the author of the novel and winner of the Alfaguara Prize To 2020, Save the fire.

“I was 17 years old when Raul played against Jimmy Connors at the Deportivo Chapultepec, and won him, so that he kept his autograph,” he recalled about the series was played in 1975.

At that time, “for political reasons we don’t play the semi-finals against south Africa after beating the united States two times in a row, and so lost the opportunity of being champions of Davis Cup.”

Of that time, recalled an anecdote: “I was Driving my car and suddenly, heading to the Gym Juan de la Barrera, I turn and I see Raul Ramirez with (Bjorn) Borg, (Guillermo) Vilas and (Vitas) Gerulaitis, four large in the history of tennis”.

References ensenadenses

In his novel, Save the fire, one of the personal, Don Julio, The Tequila, the prisoner with influence within the correctional institution East, is born in Ensenada.

“I taught in a private university (Mexico City), communication, and the director of a university in Tijuana, told me that some of her students had gotten of assassins, they were called the ” narco-juniors”, he explained. “Hence the idea (of give an identity to the character): people of Tijuana and Ensenada that had already been bored of the six and the morras strawberries.”

In addition, “Ensenada I have the reference to Raul Ramirez, who is like the hero of the city, and whose son I met when I was there, and also the culinary is so important, from the carts to the restaurant of Benito Molina”.

“In Ensenada, he married married my nephew three years ago, I went and we had a great time”, completed from his residence in the City of Mexico.

Amores Perros

In 2000, the film written by him and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu burst on to the scene of the cinemoatografía world with the Oscar nomination for Best Foreign language Film, as well as obtaining prizes at the most prestigious festivals.

“It was a turning point in my career. Amores Perros became a giant wave that led us to the people who made it to where we never imagined: to make movies in Hollywood, to work with the best actors in the world, the best photographers,” he acknowledged.

The direction of González Iñárritu, the debut of Gael Garcia, the music of Gustavo Santaolalla joined the writer of the story, he himself, to the international projection.

After Amores Perros, Guillermo Arriaga created 21 Grams, Babel and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada as a writer, in addition to writing and directing Fire with the Oscar-winning Charlize Theron, Kim Basinger and Jennifer Lawrence.

Alfaguara Prize

Their absence from the Literature for over a decade he ended up with a couple of novels successful in terms of criticism and sales: The Wild and Save the fire.

With this last was the winner unanimously of the Alfaguara Prize.

“It is the most important award to a work in Spanish, so I am honored to have been chosen among more than 600 manuscripts of the writers of Spain and America,” he said.

Since it was made known to his triumph, the prize, “which is a box of resonance”, Guillermo Arriaga has granted more than 300 interviews, a dynamic that forced him to stop writing his next novel.

Save the fire

The novel that led to that distinction “puts on the table many painful issues, such as impunity, the violence, the racism, the corruption and inequality, to themes bright as the humanity, the love, the solidarity and complicity, or diseases such as jealousy and revenge”.

The main characters are Marina Longines, “the heir of a fortune, woman, wealthy, married and with three children”, which is known to itself thanks to his relationship with José Cuauhtémoc, a prisoner cult, the son of an indigenous intellectual and mother root in spain, that purges a second conviction for murder.


It was more a practitioner than an observer.

“I was doing sport all day, unfortunately I had an accident in a game of basketball and I couldn’t continue. I’m atlantic, but I like most sports I see,” he said.

And even when, “it was very bad for the libyans, I tried to play it professional and I reserve special Cougars”.

“I think that I was a holder just for the pig that was trunk. In contrast to basketball, not committing fauls, was technical, the elegant, not the troncón, the broken leg was I in the fut. I also tried to play tennis, but I started very late,” he said.


Their priority is to produce the tape Open Sky, the first of the trilogy planned in his time with Amores Perros and 21 Grams.

The project is special for the author of The Buffalo of the Night: Mariana and Santiago Arriaga, their children, the target.

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