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Kendall Jenner has been the target of hundreds of negative reviews in the last few days after sharing a video on Instagram Stories. Hence, the model is displayed sitting in a swanky classic car.

“I had to put it up”wrote the muse of the catwalks in the above-mentioned recording, that she would have taken with their mobile.

In counted hours, the clip went viral and led to the reactions described above. “Kendall Jenner it is irresponsible to publish these things. Is inciting to disorder in these times of quarantine”, commented a user of Facebook.

The wave of pronouncements prompted the celebrity to make a statement. This he did by means of his Twitter account.

In the message, Kendall Jenner holds that yes respects the quarantine by coronaviruses and who remains at home. However, he argued that taking a bit of fresh air is not bad, as long as you maintain the hygiene measures and social distancing recommended.

Several netizens who responded to the tweet expressed that do not believe comply with the quarantine. “These words are just to soften the criticism that all we’ve released. It’s irresponsible!”, he pointed to a young man.


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