Is filtered one picture is from the video for ‘Stupid Love’?


The new stage musical of Lady Gaga is about to arrive to the joy of all the Little Monsters and fans of the singer of ‘Poker Face’. Lady Gaga has spent years working on their new album, which would be his sixth up to nowand each time is more near to bring it to light.

What we know until now is that your first single probably the song ‘Stupid Love’. The theme that sounds like their jobs as mainstream as previous ‘Born this way’ it was leaked on the internet a few weeks ago. Their fans could not resist to listen to the new song clandestinely and since then are obsessed with it.

The last filtration has been a image where you can see Lady Gaga filming a music video and we think it is ‘Stupid Love’. These are all guesses up to this point but the fans assume that the song filtered will be the first single which will be on the radio in your new job. So it fits that the images you have seen of Lady Gaga is to record the video of the single.

However, all audios and photos related with ‘Stupid Love’ has been deleted from the internet and all the tweets have been reported for copyright. Even so, the fans who were fast managed to download the song and have been listening to since then. The interpret american asked on his Twitter account to his fans that “stop” referring to the millions of messages that were reaching the new song.

But the Little Monsters did not seem to have paid much attention to his ídola and while conducting a concert on Saturday, February 1 on the occasion of the celebration of SuperBowl Sunday, attendees at the event chillaban the singer that you wanted already an official date for the premiere of the song.

Therefore, we remain expectant that Lady Gaga will reveal the date to return to the first line of the music high. The images of the recordings of the video clip are clues that we should not expect more than a month to enjoy the new song of Gaga.