It’s almost not is Kristen Stwart! Actresses who could be Bella in ‘Twilight’


Despite the fact that many of the actors who participated in ‘The Twilight Saga’ have been spoken that was one of his worst experiences in his career, must not forget that for many of them this was a stepping stone to get to launch his career to another level (or in the case of some not so much). That’s why, it has revealed the actresses who could be Bella Swan in ‘Twilight’.

The novels written by Stephenie Meyer came out in 2005, and with this was born a bestseller, where the studio Summit Entertainment saw a window of opportunity to turn it into a franchise. The central storyline revolved a romance between the vampire Edward Cullen and his forbidden love with the mortal Bella Swan. The novels of ‘Twilight’ were well received. But thanks to the movies, was when he built a fan base strong.

Many began to locate to Kristen Stewart when it came out in the movie ‘Panic Room’ along with Jodie Fosterbut his global fame came when she played the role of Bella Swan in the films of ‘Twilight’, along with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

The first film was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, and it was a success even greater than the novels, although it received several mixed reviews, but without that first step the other 4 movies would not have been possible. As ‘Twilight’ already had a large and passionate fan base, Hardwicke followed a process of casting with a lot of caution to find the actors that best suit the vision of the fans.

Kristen Stewart was chosen after Hardwicke visited the set of the movie ‘Adventureland’and the director remained impressed after seeing a screen test informal of it. This was one of the best news received by the fans, but despite the fact that the same author said that he always imagined Stewart in the main role, there were several actresses that could be Bella in ‘Twilight’.

Some of these actresses just were starting your career in Hollywood, and that have obtained the paper could have benefited from it, others were not so new in the film industry. Of the actresses who is known that they were in the past filters of the casting, were Lily Collins, Jennifer Lawrence, Sara Paxton and Michelle Trachtenberg.

Despite the euphoria of ‘Twilight’ has decreased over the years, these films have changed completely the careers of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinsonthat good or bad were a great springboard to reach more ambitious projects, more challenge, and quality.