Jennifer Aniston is still wearing the wedding ring with Brad Pitt


During the recent awards SAG Awards 2020, there was a moment that was immortalized for the tabloids, and it happened when Brad Pitt came up to the podium to collect a prize and the camera focused on a Jennifer Aniston “melted”.

The image went round the world, made memes about it, but what no one had noticed until now was that that night Jenn was wearing a wedding ring with Brad Pitt.

That night, even Brad Pitt took her by the hand to Jennifer Aniston unexpectedly and congratulated for having won a prize, thanks to his great work in the series “the Morning Show”. The famous former couple was talking, very happy, for a few minutes and congratulated each other.

But beyond the smile that had Jen in that time, Aniston proved that Pitt was still very special for her with your choice of accessories for such an occasion. After 15 years of separation, she showed not a gem either, he showed the symbol of them.

It could be the same one that the actor gave to his then girlfriend, to propose marriage, and that is being the talk of the world of cinema. That gift would be valued at 500 thousand dollars, a prize that fits the design that the same Silvia Damiani took place alongside the actor, to give it to Jenn.

With this, as would many tests that give veracity to the rumor that suggests that the former spouse could be giving themselves a second chance, but none of the two has spoken about the topic.

Who has talked about this approach among the stakeholders has been the mutual friend of both, the singer Melissa Etheridge.

“I loved Brad and Jen together, they were beautiful and I think will always remain friends because they are two very special people who can overcome anything,” said artist and friend of both.