Jennifer Aniston will donate 1 BILLION to combat the coronavirus


The famous actress of ‘Friends’, Jennifer Anniston, took to his official Instagram to share an emotional message about the current situation that they are living in the world due to the coronavirus, thanking the doctors, but above all, of those nurses who have not rested for the meet and save the citizens of the country.

“I send a huge hug to those women who have remained steadfast in this difficult task. You are our heroes”wrote the actress through an insta-story. He also encouraged his followers to follow the prevention measures and to take the current situation lightly, because the world is living a pretty tough time. “These are chaotic times, but remember that the best thing we can do is be informed, stay calm, and always at home. So we will avoid that the virus will continue to spread”, noted Aniston in their second story.

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Jennifer Aniston will donate a million dollars to combat the coronavirus

To finish your message, the famous ‘Rachel Green’ said that, despite the social distancing and quarantine, there are still many other ways to helpsuch is the case of his colleagues, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, who donated a million dollars to the Food Bank of the united States to create kits, in case of shortages in the supermarkets, so he decided to follow the same steps than these.

It is worth mentioning that Jennifer Aniston, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are not the only personalities who have decided to donate to the food banks, because athletes such as J. J. Watt, Zion Williamson, Rudy Gobert, Giannis and Alex Bregman just to mention a few, have also decided to join the cause.