Jennifer Lopez revealed the secret behind the hidden face in this image


One of the last publications of Jennifer Lopez on your social networks raised some suspicions. The image was nothing more than a selfie that the singer showed her toned body after a training session in your home. With her, encouraged his followers to get in shape. But the fans saw a totally different thing.

The background of the photo is seen behind a glass window a man with a mask that seemed to spy on the singer. A hidden face that frightened many. So they confessed in the comments of the photo. The speculation over who was behind rose, and now finally the artist of the Bronx has unveiled the mystery.

The average u.s. E! News contacted her and Lopez said that this mysterious man is her fiance Alex Rodriguez: “If you look well you can see the arm of Alex with a t-shirt navy blue. Sitting in front of your desktop with a large screen. The picture you see is of the person with whom he was having a video call”.

It turns out that the gym of the house of Miami is stuck to the firm that uses Alex. The spaces are separated by curtains so you can get a glimpse of some of the adjoining room. JLo has added that the person that see is not wearing a mask “is simply covered his mouth with his hand” just at the moment of the photo.

The artist is trying to train and pass the quarantine in the best way possible in spite of the bad news. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez had planned to marry at the end of this summer, possibly in Italy. Finally, have decided to postpone the event without exact date, waiting to see how events unfold.